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Everything we do is driven by our goal to enable, unite and strengthen your scientific progress and move our knowledge of Earth materials forward.  We match the best proposals to the best suited science teams and imaging facilities within our network. Together we combine knowledge, people, and instruments to unravel the secrets of Earth materials. Insights that may lead us to new research frontiers and helping you to create the bigger picture.

‘Next-generation electron and X-ray imaging solutions for all scientists breaking ground in Earth-materials research’

The EXCITE Network

We have an objective to develop correlative imaging technologies and provides access to world-class facilities, particularly to new and non-expert users. To achieve this, we work together with fifteen European institutes specialized in electron and X-ray microscopy.

Together, we assess proposals, exchange information, arrange facility access, share scientific results, and answer your research questions. We bundle stories, publish papers, blogs and videos and act as a central community platform.

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‘We equally contribute to fundamental and societal-relevant Earth-materials research questions’

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Twenty-four European facilities for electron and X-ray microscopy are joining hands. To better understand Earth and planetary materials and to together unveil the secret codes hidden under our feet. Curious? Like to learn more? Interested in gaining access to our EXCITE Imaging facilities? Please enter your email address and be one of the first geoscientists to be informed when we open calls for proposals. Other questions? Contact us here.

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