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Research mission

The EXCITE Network is a leading-edge electron and X-ray imaging infrastructure that aims to provide access to the latest imaging technology to enable interdisciplinary research into Earth and planetary materials.

The EXCITE Network has a broad, interdisciplinary Earth-materials research scope, allowing you to address scientific questions from all relevant perspectives.  

‘For a better understanding of Earth materials and our planet’

This is how we support your research:

We enable you to link fundamental properties of Earth materials with large scale geological processes
We support you in determining intrinsic transport properties of Earth materials. These are critical for understanding e.g., fluid and melt transport in the deep Earth, for developing new sustainable energy schemes using geothermal energy or hydrogen, and carbon storage.
We assist you in deciphering the interplay of mineralogical and biological processes during various stages of biogeochemical cycles

‘The EXCITE Network aims to provide access to the latest imaging technology to enable interdisciplinary research into Earth and planetary materials’

A question of fundamental or applied nature? The EXCITE Network is here to help you. Together we find the answers. 

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To advance our understanding of Earth materials it is essential that scientists have access to leading-edge electron and X-ray microscopy facilities. We provide that access.

We want to provide access to the international community to use cutting-edge technology to investigate the properties of Earth materials, thereby advancing fundamental and applied research.

‘Provide access to leading-edge electron and X-ray microscopy techniques to all scientists studying Earth materials’

Open access
Positive impact
Forward science


The EXCITE Network wants to inspire a community of like-minded scientists who share an interest in better understanding Earth materials. We value advanced technology, open science and teamwork. All with the aim to connect you to outstanding electron and X-ray imaging facilities, collectively stimulate ideas and foster interdisciplinary collaborations.

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‘We think forward, are committed to your success and strive to positively impact science, industry and society’

We are progressive – initiate the development of innovative ideas, new techniques, and best practices.

We are committed to your success – actively support an open science environment to facilitate the transfer of scientific knowledge around Earth materials as well as electron and X-ray microscopy.

We strive to create a positive impact – by providing access to the latest technology, we help scientists to make new discoveries. Society benefits from an improved understanding of our planet and the industrial and environmental problems that can be solved.

Open science

Curious to learn more?

Interested in gaining access to the EXCITE2 facilities? Please enter your email address and be one of the first to be informed when we open the first EXCITE2 call for proposals. Other questions? Contact us here.

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