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With its activities, the EXCITE Network will maintain and extend Europe’s leading role in innovations in Earth science, specifically in the fields of mineral- and rock-physics, as well as material-oriented (bio)geochemistry.

open access

The EXCITE Transnational Access programme provides coordinated access to 24 imaging facilities in nine countries. Access will be provided on a per call basis, with the first call opening starting on December 1st, 2021. From that date you can enter our access portal using the apply button on this page.  


The call criteria, proposal guidelines and participating facilities will be made available prior to the call opening. Academic and industrial users that fit the call criteria can apply for free-of-charge facility access by submitting a proposal.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the facility of choice to discuss the technical feasibility of their proposal prior to final submission.

After call closure, in the review phase, proposals that passed the technical feasibility check are reviewed by an independent TNA Review Panel based on predefined selection criteria. 

Flowchart of the EXCITE Network access round

Granting access

Applicants whose proposal passed the review process are then granted. 

Projects that pass the review phase are then granted access to the facilities either by physical access (travel to the facilities) or remote service (send in samples).

More information will follow when the first call opens. Like to stay connected? Make sure to check these pages regularly.

Curious to learn more?

Twenty-four European facilities for electron and X-ray microscopy are joining hands. To better understand Earth and planetary materials and to together unveil the secret codes hidden under our feet. Curious? Like to learn more? Interested in gaining access to our EXCITE Imaging facilities? Please enter your email address and be one of the first geoscientists to be informed when we open calls for proposals. Other questions? Contact us here.

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