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University of Grenoble (UGA)

Laboratoire 3SR conducts cutting-edge research on Solid Mechanics, mainly in the fields of material science and structure/construction engineering, in areas of high societal relevance, such as health, energy, transport, risk and civil engineering. More specifically, 3SR is a pioneer in the use and development of x-ray tomography (lab scanner, in-situ testing, image analysis including DIC, … Continued

Centre national de la recherche scientifique – University of Montpellier

The CrystalProbe-Montpellier infrastructure is a field emission gun (FEG) SEM equipped with an ultra-fast and ultra-sensitive EBSD camera – the Symmetry from Oxford Instruments – and an EDS detector allowing simultaneous crystallographic and chemical mapping of thin sections or polished sections. The CNRS-INSU platform that hosts the CrystalProbe-Montpellier infrastructure has high-quality electron microscopy and sample preparation facilities.  Science team Fabrice … Continued

Université de Pau et des Pays de L’Adour (UPPA)

MEX Centre for X-ray Imaging The DMEX Centre for X-ray Imaging hosts three X-ray tomographs, enabling to cover a large panel of spatial resolutions (0.3–150µm) and sample sizes. While samples can be tested under ambient conditions, the centre has built up a unique competence in conducting in situ / in operando testing.  Examples are the … Continued

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