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University of Oslo (UiO)

Micro/nano-CT nanoCT (SkyScan 2211) require small samples in order to reach nanometre resolution (>100 nm). The sample size should be around 1 to 2 mm in diameter. microCT (Skyscan 1172). The X-ray source: 20-190kV, 4-25 W, CCD detectors 8kx8kx3k pixels. microCT (Skyscan1172) Pixel size: 0.7 μm to 25 μm; Variable X-ray energy range from 20-100 kV without … Continued

NTNU Trondheim

The NEXT facility consists of 5 instruments, of which 2 are set up for X-ray imaging experiments and thus relevant for EXCITE. The following equipment is relevant to EXCITE:  Nikon HT225 CT scanner: The CT scanner operates with attenuation contrast, and is versatile operating with samples from a few mm, with nominal resolution ~1-2 microns, … Continued

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