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All brand communication for the EXCITE Network has been developed by <JNSN> Creative Agency Amsterdam in cooperation with Science Media.

Creative direction 
Arold Jansen / Dan Brinkhuis (video)

Art Direction / graphic design
Wessel Kramer

Arold Jansen, Geertje ter Maat, Markus Ohl, Oliver Plümper, Sylvia Walter, Hannah Vogel & Yannick de Kok.

Video creation & photography
Dan Brinkhuis, Arold Jansen, Dick Peterse. 

Simon Abrams, Alivia Grubnyak, Hunter Harrit and Jan Piatkowski (Unsplash). Jean Beaufort, Marc Cruzat, Mengliu Di, Matt Hardy, ThisIsEngineering, Clive Kim, Tima Miroshnichenko, and Plato Terentev (Pexels). NASA and Pixabay.

Web development
Govard-Jan de Jong, Aart Jan van der Linden

2021 © EXCITE Network, Utrecht University. All rights reserved.

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