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Call for Volunteer Experts for the TNA Scientific Review Panel

EXCITE (Horizon 2020) is an international network involving 15 European leading institutions in the field of electron and X-ray based analytical research on Earth materials.

We invite volunteer experts — scientists, academicians, and other professionals who work in the broad fields of electron and X-ray based analytical techniques — to apply to become members of the TNA Scientific Review Panel, which is established to ensure fair review of Transnational Access (TNA) applications on the basis of scientific excellence. In order to apply and become a member of the EXCITE TNA Scientific Review Panel, please complete this form: 

The Review Panel includes experts in Earth material sciences based on X-ray and electron microscopy analytical techniques. The Panel is a pool of reviewers from which members are drawn to evaluate single access proposals. The panel size shall guarantee an appropriate balance of the workload for each expert, ensuring that reviewers are invited to evaluate 5-10 proposals in each call. The panel itself is assembled to guarantee a multidisciplinary and gender-balanced group of experts, as well as to ensure the scientific excellence of access proposals.

Full details are provided in the guidelines for the EXCITE TNA Scientific Review Panel.

For further information, please contact:

Why become an EXCITE reviewer?

Become a part of the EXCITE Community:
Join an international network of researchers and experts in the field of X-ray and electron based analytical techniques. Participate in the EXCITE Workshops that are organized on a yearly basis (both in person and online).
Share expertise and collaborate with colleagues worldwide:
EXCITE Reviewers work with leading academic and scientific professionals worldwide. They exchange and cooperate with first-class research facilities in Europe.
Impact research addressing advances in your field of research:
Through the contribution of their personal, professional and scientific judgement, EXCITE Reviewers help promote the advancement of research, new developments, and technologies that address key open questions in a broad range of scientific fields.
Add distinction to your career:
Peer review of TNA proposals can be a meaningful and enriching experience demonstrating an individual’s interest, engagement and contribution to the global academic community and to advances in the field.

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