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EXCITE Industry Meet and Greet Event

One of the aims of the EXCITE Network is to create a research community around electron and X-ray microscopy for earth research and development. Be it fundamental or applied Earth science questions; from earthquakes to hydrogen storage as well as sustainable mineral extraction and recycling, from climate change to the interaction of life with our planet Earth. To foster and create new links between the research community and industry forms an important aspect of this.

On the 22rd of November the EXCITE Network organized a meet and greet event with representatives of 16 different companies to explore how we can together advance electron and X-ray imaging technology for earth-materials research and development. A very diverse group of companies that either develop imaging technology (hardware & software) and those who use imaging in their production and R&D pipelines were present.

We would like to thank the participants for their interesting presentations and the insightful discussions during the interactive networking session.

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