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Four more years of open access electron and x-ray microscope use for sustainability research

A globally coordinated team helmed by Utrecht University’s Oliver Plümper has secured €14.5 million for the EXCITE network. This funding will allow researchers worldwide to make use of state-of-the-art electron and x-ray microscopy facilities at no cost.

Microscopy for sustainability

Currently, the EXCITE network’s microscopy facilities are available for earth scientists. Having secured this new funding, the instruments will be available for all researchers who work on sustainability issues, such as nano and environmental scientists from April 2024.

“Microscopy is at the epicentre of many of our planet’s most pressing concerns,” says Oliver Plümper, who is filled with joy having secured continuous funding for EXCITE² (read as EXCITE-squared). “It enables us to explore the intricate details of Earth materials and comprehend how minute material processes govern key aspects, such as the effectiveness of sustainable subsurface energy storage, environmental pollutants, or even the algae bloom in ice cores that can influence ice shield melting.”

High demand

The EXCITE network recently participated in the Goldschmidt conference, one of the world’s premier geochemistry conferences. Plümper recounts: “The interest generated by our EXCITE exhibition booth was incredibly rewarding. The need for accessible, cutting-edge microscopy within our community is undeniably high.”

“The credit for this achievement goes to an extraordinary collaborative effort not just within Utrecht University but across all our partners,” adds project manager Geertje ter Maat. “I can only confirm this and I am very honoured to be able to lead the EXCITE² Network, as the applauding response from the research community has been beyond heartening,” Plümper concludes.

Read more in the UU press release.

Curious to learn more?

Interested in gaining access to the EXCITE2 facilities? Please enter your email address and be one of the first to be informed when we open the first EXCITE2 call for proposals. Other questions? Contact us here.

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