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Open science, easy access, real teamwork

Twenty-four European electron and X-ray imaging facilities in nine countries join hands to move global research into Earth-materials forward.

The EXCITE Network is officially active since May 1st, 2021, and this will result in a series of open research calls where access to the electron and X-ray imaging facilities will be a fact. ‘Together we will move Earth-materials science forward’, says prof. Veerle Cnudde, project coordinator of the EXCITE project. 

The EXCITE Network is stimulating Earth-materials research in Europe. The 15 partners in the EXCITE network are pushing 2D and 3D imaging towards the next level and are additionally offering access to 24 leading-edge electron and X-ray imaging facilities, stacked with the finest imaging software and electron and X-ray microscopes that are operated by renowned science teams. The aim is no less than to deliver compelling new insights about the material ways of our planet: a bigger picture on the past, present and future of Earth materials.

Open science for all

Imaging technology is at the center of development in many science disciplines, driving new knowledge and innovations, but in Earth Sciences the availability of high-end electron and X-ray imaging facilities for research into Earth-materials sometimes sometimes stays unnoticed or is unknown.  

With the EXCITE Network we change that, says Oliver Plümper, who has a clear-cut view on the prime deliverables the infrastructure should produce: ‘We want to open these outstanding facilities to all scientists that perform Earth-materials research and support scientific integration and progress. The combined knowledge that results from using the infrastructure may help to? solve long-standing fundamental research questions and will add the development of joint imaging platforms and best-practices.’ 

‘We are driven by pragmatic, engaged teamwork’

The EXCITE Network research activities may lead to breakthrough in different research fields. ‘By sharing cutting-edge science facilities and technology with the European geoscience landscape we hope to support these kinds of discoveries too. Real progress, through open science, interdisciplinary views on Earth-materials research, driven by pragmatic, engaged teamwork.’

Beyond borders

The EU H2020 INFRAIA Programme is funding the EXCITE Network with a five million euro grant. With this grant, the united researchers within the EXCITE Network can establish a durable European infrastructure, with a global outlook, as research into Earth material does not stop at borders or scientific disciplines. 

We offer our facilities and infrastructure after a clear review process. All with the aim to answer interesting research questions directly or indirectly related to Earth-materials. We act as experienced matchmakers to scientists and facilitate multi-scale Earth-materials studies, offering the electron and X-ray microscopic expertise to see more and go deeper. Thus, paving the way for new scientific discoveries that benefit us all.’  

The EXCITE Network will introduce the first call for access in December 2021. Want to stay up to date? 
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Curious to learn more?

Interested in gaining access to the EXCITE2 facilities? Please enter your email address and be one of the first to be informed when we open the first EXCITE2 call for proposals. Other questions? Contact us here.

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