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Creating new pathways in Earth-materials research:

JRA1: Standardization, comparison and development of workflows for EXCITE imaging platforms
This activity aims at the development of workflows that reflect best-practices for the imaging of Earth materials. These workflows will help to improve consistency between datasets generated in different facilities and/or using different techniques.
JRA2: Multi-scale, multi-dimensional imaging of Earth materials
In JRA2, we will develop an open-source, community-based approach towards an integration of multi-scale, multi-dimensional structural, crystallographic and chemical imaging technologies based on electron and X-ray microscopy.
JRA3: Machine-learning for 3D imaging in electron & X-ray microscopy
This JRA is concerned with developing and integrating machine-learning (ML) approaches for 2D and 3D imaging in electron and X-ray microscopy for ‘every day’ usage, incorporating the workflow schemes designed in JRA1 and JRA2.

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Twenty-four European facilities for electron and X-ray microscopy are joining hands. To better understand Earth and planetary materials and to together unveil the secret codes hidden under our feet. Curious? Like to learn more? Interested in gaining access to our EXCITE Imaging facilities? Please enter your email address and be one of the first geoscientists to be informed when we open calls for proposals. Other questions? Contact us here.

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