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‘We enable you to excel by offering access to our facilities and connecting you with some of the best science teams in the world’ 

The EXCITE Network provides academic and industry users with access to high-end electron and X-ray microscopy facilities. By doing so, EXCITE will make leading-edge electron and X-ray microscopy available to an extensive user community.

Our extensive network of 24 facilities is located at 15 research institutions across 9 European countries.

Our network includes:

4 locations that provide access to advanced electron microscopes (GFZ, CNRS, UBI, and UCAM).
6 locations that provide access to advanced X-ray tomography instruments (UGent, HZDR, UPPA, TUD, NTNU, UEDIN).
4 locations that provide access to both advanced electron and X-ray microscopy instruments (UU, UGR, UiO, and INGV).

We facilitate your research:

Our contribution to your research is by providing you with free-of-charge access to our facilities, helping you build international collaborations and showcasing your work through open science.

More information on facility access

Curious to learn more?

Interested in gaining access to the EXCITE2 facilities? Please enter your email address and be one of the first to be informed when we open the first EXCITE2 call for proposals. Other questions? Contact us here.

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