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NTNU Trondheim

Norwegian Centre for Nanoscale X-ray Tomography (NEXT)

The Norwegian Centre for Nanoscale X-ray Tomography (NEXT) is hosted by the X-ray Physics group at the Department of Physics, NTNU. 


The NEXT facility consists of 5 instruments, of which 2 are set up for X-ray imaging experiments and thus relevant for EXCITE.

The following equipment is relevant to EXCITE: 

Nikon HT225 CT scanner: The CT scanner operates with attenuation contrast, and is versatile operating with samples from a few mm, with nominal resolution ~1-2 microns, up to samples that are 10-15 cm diameter. The setup is equipped with a robust sample stage that can take loads up to 50 kg, allowing for operations with complex sample environments. At present, the lab offers access to a Deben CT5000 tensile/compression rig for in situ CT experiments under mechanical loads.

Custom-built X-radiography facility: The setup is designed for in situ imaging of evolving microstructures/phase fronts in thin radiographic cells. The system consists of a VISCOM XT9100 microfocus source (Mo, Ag or Cu), and a Vosskuhler CCD-camera, equipped with a SCINT-X pixeled scintillator, optimized for 17 keV radiation. The nominal performance characteristics of the setup is about 4-micron spatial resolution with frame rates up to 6 per second.


The research activities of the X-ray Physics group are focused within porous media and mesoscale physics, where a wide spectre of X-ray imaging and X-ray scattering based methods are the central research tools. The group is involved in multiple national and international initiatives with particular focus on research in the strategic areas of health and environment.

Curious to learn more?

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