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Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI)


University of Beira Interior (UBI) hosts C4G – Collaboratory for Geosciences, which is included in the Portuguese Roadmap for Research Infrastructures. UBI will be the formal representative of the C4G consortium participation in EXCITE, where three other C4G partners (FCUL, FCUP and LNEG) will actively participate as third parties.


UBI offers access to both electron probe microanalyzers at Lisbon (JEOL JXA-8200) and Porto (JEOL JXA-8500F). Routine mineral chemical analysis, as well as advanced chemical mapping, will be supported. Users will have access to the facilities where appropriate. 

Porto region: The JEOL JXA-8500F electron probe micro-analyser of LNEG is equipped with a field emission gun, 5 WDS spectrometers and 1 EDS and is run by a more than 20 years experienced specialist. 

This equipment allows using much higher probe currents without compromising Probe diameter as compared to conventional thermo-ionic conventional electron guns or LaB6 electron guns. The higher intensity X-Ray signals obtained are beneficial for low concentration X-ray maps of elements. 

Lisbon: The JEOL JXA-8200 electron probe microanalyzer at FCUL is equipped with a standard electron gun (W filament), 1 EDS and 4 WDS spectrometers with the following configuration: 1: PETJ+LIF, 2: TAP+LDE2, 3: PETJ+LIF, 4: PETH+LIFH and 1 EDS. 


The main areas of research activity of the LNEG infrastructure are sustainable resource management and energy production. The laboratory has long-standing expertise in supporting universities and industry and within the last two years has opened up access to researchers outside of the European continent, including Africa and the Americas.
The main areas of research activity using the FCUL infrastructure are mineral exploration, and mineral and micro-petrographically characterization in all fields of the earth sciences. Work is also done on solid-state characterization of materials.

Science team

Mário Gonçalves 
Jorge Figueiras 
Pedro Rodrigues
Alexandra Guedes 
Fernanda Guimarães 
Rita Caldeira 
Rui Fernandes  
Gabriela Batti

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