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After notification that the project is granted access, the user, before access, needs to contact the facility to sign an Access Agreement with the TNA facility, which covers the mode of access, access units, compliance with Health and Safety regulations, data processing, management and publication specifics, confidentiality, and liability, related to the TNA project. In certain cases the TNA facility can request for co-authorship on the scientific and/or data publications resulting from the TNA project. The Access Agreement must be signed before access can start, and the user is requested to send the signed agreement to the facility manager.

Please upload a copy of the signed access agreement in this repository.

All users involved in physical access need to be covered by medical insurance when conducting the TNA visit (either through the employing institution, or through a personal insurance if the institution does not fully cover the user when working abroad);


After completing their TNA project, the user is requested to:

  • Visit the EXCITE TNA documents webpage and download a copy of the TNA user Scientific & Expense report template
  • Fill in all the parts of the template that include a description of the scientific activity carried out at the facility, and the breakdown of expenses incurred during the visit.
  • The report must be checked and signed by your host facility before submission as well as the receipts, which will be checked for reimbursement (please read the EXCITE TNA funding & reporting guidelines).
  • Submit the signed Scientific and expenses report, including all necessary reimbursement documentation, at this link.
  • During the submission, the user will be requested to complete a feedback questionnaire about the TNA experience.
  • Collect and store the raw data/results of the TNA project as per the Access agreement with the host TNA facility.

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