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To understand the multiscale dynamics and evolution of our planet, we need to characterize the structure, composition, and properties of Earth and Environmental materials. The EXCITE Network provides access to advanced imaging facilities, fostering collaborations and delivering social benefits through knowledge sharing. Whether addressing fundamental geological processes or societally relevant topics like hydrogen storage and eco-friendly mineral extraction, our imaging technologies enable detailed analysis of Earth and Environmental materials. If you have a research question related to Earth and/or Environmental materials and want to use advanced imaging techniques, contact us to develop a strategy together.

‘It’s our mission to empower leading-edge research into Earth and environmental materials via advanced imaging techniques. To better understand the past, present, and future of our planet’  

What we do

The EXCITE Network provides access to advanced imaging facilities, fostering a collaborative community of scientists to advance knowledge of Earth’s structure and processes. By facilitating multi-scale fundamental and applied research, the network supports the exploration of how and why Earth functions as it does, while promoting open data science standards. Applied research within the network aims to discover new resources, develop climate solutions like CO2 and hydrogen storage, and create environmentally friendly mineral extraction technologies. Whatever your Earth or Environmental research question, EXCITE is here to help you find answers using advanced imaging techniques.

‘We provide you with access to our advanced imaging facilities and science teams, enabling ground-breaking research’

How we work

The EXCITE Network is an innovative initiative that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and high standards in Earth and Environmental material imaging. Driven by the goal of advancing scientific progress, EXCITE connects the best proposals with the most suitable science teams and imaging facilities, combining knowledge, people, and instruments to explore Earth and Environmental materials. The network aims to develop correlative imaging technologies and provides access to world-class facilities, especially for new and non-expert users, through collaboration with fifteen European institutes. EXCITE assesses proposals, shares information, arranges facility access, and disseminates scientific results, acting as a central community platform.

‘Next-generation imaging solutions for all scientists breaking ground in Earth and environmental research’

EU missions

Linking environmental factors to human health.
Climate change mitigation.
Sustainable arctic & polar regions.
Healthy oceans & waters.
Renewable energy & critical minerals.
Nanothechnology & environmental nanoscience.

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